Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #40

We're Football fans too, you know...
40 Sports Stars And The Teams They Support

1. Mike Atherton (Cricket) - Manchester United
2. Boris Becker (Tennis) - Bayern Munich
3. Björn Borg (Tennis) - Hammarby
4. Ian Botham (Cricket) - Scunthorpe
5. Eric Bristow (Darts) - Chelsea
6. Sebastian Coe (Athletics) - Chelsea
7. Steve Cram (Athletics) - Sunderland
8. Lawrence Dallaglio (Rugby Union) - Chelsea
9. Frankie Dettori (Horse Racing) - Juventus
10. Roger Federer (Tennis) - Basel
11. Giancarlo Fisichella (Motor Racing) - Roma
12. Andrew Flintoff (Cricket) - Manchester City
13. Stephen Fleming (Cricket) - Stoke City
14. Carl Fogarty (Superbikes) - Blackburn Rovers
15. Sergio Garcia (Golf) - Real Madrid
16. Simon Geoghan (Rugby Union) - West Ham
17. Darren Gough (Cricket) - Barnsley
18. Steve Harmison (Cricket) - Newcastle United
19. Audley Harrison (Boxing) - Arsenal
20. Ricky Hatton (Boxing) - Manchester City
21. Stephen Hendry (Snooker) - Hearts
22. Evander Holyfield (Boxing) - Houston Dynamo
23. Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis) - West Bromwich Albion (and Hajduk Split)
24. Martin Johnson (Rugby Union) - Leicester City
25. Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Tennis) - Spartak Moscow
26. Amir Khan (Boxing) - Bolton
27. Denise Lewis (Athletics) - Wolves
28. Lennox Lewis (Boxing) - West Ham
29. Colin Montgomerie (Golf) - Rangers (and Leeds United)
30. Andy Murray (Tennis) - Hibernian
31. Rafael Nadal (Tennis) - Real Madrid
32. David Nalbandian (Tennis) - River Plate
33. Jarkko Nieminen (Tennis) - Manchester United
34. Ronnie O'Sullivan (Snooker) - Arsenal
35. Michael Schumacher (Motor Racing) - Cologne
36. Sir Steve Redgrave (Rowing) - Chelsea
37. Greg Rusedski (Tennis) - Arsenal
38. Ian Thorpe (Swimming) - Tottenham
39. Raymond van Barneveld (Darts) - Den Haag
40. Michael Vaughn (Cricket) - Sheffield Wednesday


Keving said...

John Higgins (snooker) Celtic.

meet him a few times on away trips in europe..great fellow...

Chris O said...

Good shout, that man!

So what's been your most memorable / favourite trips to the continent?

Keving said...

Well, Seville was a cracker, not the best on that run, that would be in the Kop when we beat Liverpool 2-0....

Before that Celtic 3-1 in the Amsterdam Arena..what a night, funny cakes, oor train got attacked on the way to the game, there was a riot between Ajax hoolies outside, meet ex Celtic manager Wim Jansen, we were housed in a bullet proof secton of the stadium and we won the game at a canter.....left after the game and woke up in Birmingham....couldnae handle that now...:-)

PSG 1996, lost 1-0 to a cracking PSG team...that contained Paul Le Guen, but the support that night was fantastic...

I have memories from all ma trips,Milan, via Barcalona on the way home, last year was good as well, meet John Higgins in Munich, which was a not bad trip until Magnus Hedman got involved.

And anytime i meet the St Pauli boys is always a laugh...

Pity i huvnae had any trips this year....

Chris O said...

Blimey, Keving - you've been around a bit, in the nicest possible sense! And not only that, but you've also met famous people on your travels, too! How on earth did you manage that?!?

By the way - did you end up in Birmingham because of the funny cakes?!?!

Thanks for telling us about your Celtic trips, mate. So if you had the choice, which ground would you like to visit next (in terms of those you haven't been to yet)?

Keving said...

I have been to- for those cities i have missed i'm sorry- Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, Leicester, Bordeux, Lyon, Paris, Munich,Amsterdam, Lisboa, Cardiff, Seville and Milan.

Meet the bass player from The View in Milan last year, meet Alan Stubbs in Seville and also meet Wayne Rooney and Danny Dyer who were sitting behind me at Ibrox in the Celtic end two seasons back...

Sure i have missed countries..but one city that's missing is London or Madrid.

London would love to go to the emirites so fingers crossed for the next round. Might be down your way on the look out for tickets...

Yes, the funny cakes had a lot to do wie me waking up on the M6 just outside Birmingham...

Never listen to a friend who says, you'll never get those cakes on the tunnel we'll need to eat them....


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