Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Friends, Romans, non-Romans... in fact anyone that cares to listen... Some People Are On The Pitch has been nominated for 'Best British Blog' (that is to say 'best blog about British football') in the Soccerlens Awards 2008.

Being the narcissistic types, we crave a bit of recognition for all our hard work writing for you throughout the year. It's not much to ask - we enjoy writing about football, we love interacting with all you splendid folk and we're paid not a penny for our efforts. We do it out of the sheer love for what we do, but a little adulation would be nice.

We therefore ask, nay BEG you to make your humble football-writing servants feel genuinely loved and cared about. Simply visit the 'Best British Blog' page on the Soccerlens website and vote for 'Some People Are On The Pitch'.

It costs nothing and it could stop us feeling downright miserable this Christmas. Thank you.

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