Friday, August 14, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #126

I was the first...
32 Players Who Scored The First Goal For Their Club In The Premier League

1. Steve Bould (for Arsenal v Norwich, 1992)
2. Dalian Atkinson (for Aston Villa v Ipswich, 1992)
3. Stern John (for Birmingham v Everton, 2002)
4. Stuart Ripley (for Blackburn v Crystal Palace, 1992)
5. Alan Thompson (for Bolton v Wimbledon, 1995)
6. Mick Harford (for Chelsea v Oldham, 1992)
7. Mark Bright (for Crystal Palace v Blackburn, 1992)
8. Dean Sturridge (for Derby v Leeds, 1996)
9. Barry Horne (for Everton v Sheffield Wednesday, 1992)
10. Louis Saha (for Fulham v Manchester United, 2001)
11. Geovanni (for Hull v Fulham, 2008)
12. Julian Joachim (for Leicester v Newcastle, 1994)
13. Lee Chapman (for Leeds v Wimbledon, 1992)
14. Mark Walters (for Liverpool v Sheffield United, 1992)
15. David White (for Manchester City v QPR, 1992)
16. Mark Hughes (for Manchester United v Sheffield United, 1992)
17. Peter Atherton (for Newcastle v Coventry, 1993)
18. Mark Robins (for Norwich v Arsenal, 1992)
19. Teddy Sheringham (for Nottingham Forest v Liverpool, 1992, and for Portsmouth v Aston Villa, 2003)
20. Andy Sinton (for QPR v Manchester City, 1992)
21. Dave Kitson (for Reading v Middlesbrough, 2006)
22. Nigel Pearson (for Sheffield Wednesday v Everton, 1992)
23. Brian Deane (for Sheffield United v Manchester United, 1992) *
24. Matt Le Tissier (for Southampton v QPR, 1992)
25. Ricardo Fuller (for Stoke v Bolton, 2008)
26. Michael Gray (for Sunderland v Nottingham Forest, 1996)
27. Gordon Durie (for Tottenham v Crystal Palace, 1992)
28. Lee Marshall (for West Bromwich Albion v Leeds, 2002)
29. Dale Gordon (for West Ham v Coventry, 1993)
30. Jason Roberts (for Wigan v Sunderland, 2005)
31. Warren Barton (for Wimbledon v Leeds, 1992)
32. Steffen Iversen (for Wolves v Blackburn, 2003)

* First ever Premier League goal scorer.


Simon said...

33. Peter Kennedy (for Watford v Milton Keynes, 1999)

Chris O said...

Thanks for that, Simon. We didn't include the first scorers for all the teams that have ever been in the Premier League, but if anyone else wants to give a special mention to anyone we've left out, feel free to get in touch...

sp3ktor said...

34. Neil Redfearn (for Barnsley v West Ham, 1997)

Fear not Chris, Lampard scored the winner with his first league goal.

Come on stat fans - only 7 more to find:

15 August 1992, Coventry 2 Middlesbrough 1
15 August 1992, Ipswich 1 Aston Villa 1
15 August 1992, Chelsea 1 Oldham 1
14 August 1993, Sheffield United 3 Swindon Town 1
22 August 1998, Charlton 5 Southampton 0
7 August 1999, Middlesbrough 0 Bradford 1

Anonymous said...

John Robinson, Charlton v Southampton 1998

Graham said...

Well done, Anonymous.

Of course, Robbie Blake can be added to the list too (for Burnley v Manchester United, 2009)

Just six more to get.

Graham said...

Just found the remaining ones...

John Williams for Coventry v Middlesbrough, 1992
Paul Wilkinson for Middlesbrough v Coventry, 1992
Gavin Johnson for Ipswich v Aston Villa, 1992
Nick Henry for Oldham v Chelsea, 1992
Bobby Moncur for Swindon v Sheffield United, 1992
Dean Saunders for Bradford v Middlesbrough, 1993 (like Teddy Sheringham he gets on the list twice)

Think that's everyone!

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