Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #132

Unknown territory
The 12 Current Football League Clubs That Have Never Reached The Fourth Round Of The League Cup

1. Accrington Stanley
2. Aldershot
3. Barnet
4. Burton Albion
5. Cheltenham Town
6. Crewe Alexandra
7. Dagenham & Redbridge
8. Hereford United
9. Macclesfield Town
10. Morecambe
11. Torquay United
12. Yeovil Town


Fredorrarci said...

Rochdale were finalists in 1962...

That aside, it's an interesting list. It stands to reason that some of the teams to most recently reach the league would be here, but it's strange how Crewe and Torquay have done so poorly in the competition.

Chris O said...

Oh ROCHDALE... oh yes well everyone knows that... (ahem...)

Sorry about that - bit of an error there, which I'm pleased to say has now been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out Fredorrarci!

As you say, the newer clubs are not much of a surprise, but in the interest of being holistic in these things, I had to include them. No excuses for the likes of Crewe and Torquay, though!


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