Friday, November 27, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #141

Née bother...
15 Footballers' Names As They'd Appear If They Took Their Wives' Surnames Rather Than The Other Way Around

1. Ashley Tweedy (Chelsea)
2. Carlos Mansillo (Man City)
3. Didier Diakite (Chelsea)
4. Fernando Liste (Liverpool)
5. Jamie Hart (Liverpool)
6. Jlloyd Pritchard (Bolton)
7. Joe Zucker (Chelsea)
8. Mikel Bernal (Everton)
9. Robbie Palmer (Tottenham)
10. Robin Elbali (Arsenal)
11. Roque Tavarelli (Man City)
12. Ryan Cooke (Man United)
13. Shay Cunningham (Man City)
14. Steven Curran (Liverpool)
15. Wayne McLoughlin (Man United)


Nelson said...

I have a good idea of a list of little or no consequence. How about the top ten National World Cup Anthems? You would have to include 'World In Motion' by New Order. Although Scotland never made it to the 2006 World Cup Finals, they did have this song:

Chris O said...

You mean World Cup songs released by competing countries? I have to admit, Nelson, it's crossed my mind before but it seemed like a difficult one to research. That said, I might give it another go and try harder this time... thanks for the idea, anyway - we'll see what we can do...!

Nice tune, by the way... :)


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