Monday, September 11, 2006

The 100th Post

Ladies and gents, may I have your attention for a brief moment, please...

I'd like you all to raise a glass with us to Some People Are On The Pitch which today celebrates its 100th post.

Over the last 148 days, we've written and talked about all kinds of football-related things from the World Cup and the Premiership through to quirky football kits and the annoying nature of TV pundits.

But for those of you that thought we must be starting to run out of things to talk about, I have some bad news. We're nowhere near finished yet! In the coming weeks, we'll be covering loads more stuff be it serious, silly, analytical or nostalgic.

But we've not just been beavering away at our computer keyboards writing though, oh no. We've also been trying to raise awareness in our happy little blogsite by promoting it in various places, the result of which is that we're getting new people visiting all the time.

So as we push on with the next 100 posts, we'd like to thank all of you that have read what we've had to say and left comments of your own. The site gets better and better all the time thanks to your feedback and participation in everything we do.

And now, on with the show...


Smart said...


*raises glass, nods head, winks eye - all that malarkey*

Kedge said...

Yeah! What Smart said.



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