Friday, September 01, 2006

The Joy of Football

You know what I love about football? The sheer ability it has to surprise you. Football has so many disparate elements that millions and millions of permutations become available on which a change to the status quo can be made.

Take the 'deadline day' dealings in the transfer window yesterday. One minute you've got Ashley Cole playing for Arsenal, the next, he's signed for West Ham. Sorry, Chelsea.

Actually, the way things turned out, it's no longer beyond the realms of fantasy for someone like Cole to be signing for West Ham. What a strange turn-out that was! Two world-class Argentinians snapped up by Alan Pardew... and I thought Harry Redknapp was a wheeler-deeler!

As it turns out, Harry still is a great wheeler-deeler. He yesterday secured the services of Cameroon international Douala along with Croatian midfielder Niko Kranjcar and 34-year-old former Man United striker Andy Cole. Quite an impressive set of purchases although I have to admit to being a little baffled by the release of Svetoslav Todorov on loan to Wigan. The Bulgarian forward had a great season for Pompey before the summer so why replace him with a Man City striker who did just as well for his club?

Wigan's main signing yesterday was Kevin Kilbane from Everton, but they've offloaded more players than they've bought, including Graham Kavanagh, David Connolly and Pascal Chimbonda who finally moved to Tottenham for a 'club record' fee. Rash judgement on the part of Paul Jewell? Time will tell...

Tottenham were the subject of much rife speculation about numerous comings and goings, but in the end they made only two signings on deadline day, the other being Steed Malbranque from Fulham.

And who else changed clubs? Well Robert Huth and Jason Euell went to Middlesbrough, Newcastle took Antoine Sibierski on a 1-year loan from Man City, Liverpool released Jan Kromkamp to PSV Eindhoven, but most surprisingly of all, Bolton's Sam Allardyce didn't sign anybody. Staggering how these things can catch you out...


Kedge said...

Listening to the radio this lunchtime( Friday) and the rumour mill was turning at full speed. It was said that these 2 Argies were bought from a Bazilian club (Corinthians). Now a year or so ago, there was speculation that a group were putting in a bid to take over West Ham and Corinthians nearly went belly up due to financial difficulties. Lo and Behold, who stepped in to bail them out but this same group who wanted West Ham. Part of the deal in Brazil is that this group effectively own the players. Rumour has it that a couple os Italian and Spanish clubs were interested in these players, but it is said that they wanted to be in the Premiership. Man U and Arsenal were offered them, but on much less favourable terms than West Ham. Later today it was announced that WH have entered preliminary take-over talks with an "unnamed group".

So how soon before WH have new owners and these 2 players are sold on at a vast profit?

Cynical? ME? Never.

And what does the Cole to Chelsea deal tell us about the fact that Chelsea were innocent of any chatges of tapping up the player? Of course it was just a normal, everyday, dinner engagement. Just because it was with officials from a rival team doesn't make it worthy of a conspirasy theory does it? Not much it doesn't!

Chris said...

I've given up trying to work out who's about to take over West Ham or otherwise!

Actually it occurred to me that while on the one hand it'll be quite exciting for West Ham to come into such wealth following a takeover, on the other hand it could lead to us being as 'hated' by other clubs as Chelsea have since Abramovich arrived. As a West Ham fan, I'm not sure I'd want that!

I know there are already many football fans out there that hate West Ham (as per the 'Bigot' article previously) but being universally disliked to that extent doesn't sit too well with me!

I wonder if we could accept a semi-takeover instead? :)


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