Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Bet - The Final Total

As you may have seen, this week's You Bet resulted in all three bets receiving an equal number of votes, which meant we had to place 33p on each one but luckily for us, one of them came up trumps and earned us some winnings.

Frank Lampard was the hero of the hour after his goal opened the scoring for Chelsea against Wigan, which meant £1.65 headed back our way after we parted company with our 99p for this week.

So what does that give us by way of a grand total for the entire 10-week run? Well it gives me great pleasure to say that from our original £10 stake fund, we managed to accumulate


for Great Ormond Street Hospital!

Not an enormous fortune, you might think, but do you know of a bank account whose interest rate triples your money over ten weeks? No, we thought not! So let's rejoice and give thanks for all the success we've had as we give thanks to all of you that took the time and effort to cast your votes each week.

It's been a great success and a lot of fun too, so well done everybody and thanks again for helping us to support the kids at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

1 comment:

Smart said...

Well said!!

To be honest, I thought we'd end up potless, but how wrong I was.

If only we were a bigger outfit, and able to bet £10 a week - we'd be sending £293 to GOSH.


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