Friday, January 12, 2007

You Bet! Week 10

Well who'd have thunk it. We've finally reached the end of the road as Week 10 of 10 has arrived in our You Bet challenge.

We started all the way back in November 2006 with a paltry £10 to fritter away on bets which we hoped would reap further rewards to benefit our chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

And reap we did. OK, so we didn't make an enormous fortune, but gambling is a veritable minefield when it comes to avoiding outright monetary loss. Fortunately, our consciencious selections and your thorough approach to voting for the right bet have virtually tripled our initial outlay.

But there's still one last week of betting left. Will the totaliser rise still further? People, it's all down to you.

We've come up with something slightly different for Week 10. All three options will win £5 for our charity should they come up trumps, and all three are 'first goalscorer' bets. The question is, which one will you vote for? Will it be:

Bet A
Blackburn v Arsenal: Thierry Henry to score first
Potential winnings: £5.00

Bet B
Chelsea v Wigan: Frank Lampard to score first
Potential winnings: £5.00

Bet C
Watford v Liverpool: Dirk Kuyt to score first
Potential winnings: £5.00

It could hardly be simpler. Just select the bet you favour most below, and press 'Vote'.

Well what are you waiting for?

Voting on this event has now closed.

Your votes must be in by start of play on Saturday 13th January 2007. For the last time, good luck!


Chris said...

As at 12pm (our unofficial close-off time), one vote had been cast for all three bets, so that means they each get a 33p bet put on them. That works out to £1.65 in winnings for each one that comes in!

Smart said...

Frankie Lampard = £1.65!


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