Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fantasy League returns!

Calling all Fantasy Leaguers!

If you're the type of person that thinks nothing of spending millions and millions of Pounds every summer on a group of assorted football players of varying quality in the hope they'll bring you fame and glory, we need you for our 2008/09 Fantasy League competition!

Yes, the Fantasy League is back, back, back and we're inviting you to take part once again for another nine months of points scoring and tactical outwittery against the best opposition the planet has to offer.

If you're new to all this Fantasy League malarkey, let us explain how it all works (before we ask where you've been for the last fifteen years).

First, take a trip to the FA Fantasy Premier League website and register to play. It's absolutely free and no harm will come to you.

Once you've done that, you need to pick a squad of fifteen players that you think will play well enough to score a hatful of points for you every week (more of which in a moment). From that fifteen, you'll choose eleven to play in your starting line-up whenever there's a match on and it's them that will bring you the points (hopefully).

The trick is to have enough decent players in your squad while not sending its overall value higher than the virtual sum of £100 million. Each player has a 'fantasy' value, and that generally reflects how good he is, so bear that in mind when you're about to pick Gerrard, Adebayor and Ronaldo as it might leave you with no money left to buy any defenders or a goalkeeper.

And how are the points scored? Well your goalkeeper and defenders pick up four points for keeping a clean sheet (providing they've played for an hour or more in any given match), plus they'll pick up an extra six points for scoring a goal at any point. Midfielders score five points for every goal scored plus one for keeping a clean sheet and Attackers score four points for every goal and none for keeping clean sheets.

There are also added points if your player's voted one of the best in a match or has assisted a goalscorer, just as there are points deducted for missing a penalty or receiving a red or yellow card. Oh and if your nominated captain scores any points, they'll be doubled - a handy tip worth remembering, if you want our opinion...

Once you've had a quick look at all the rules and regulations that are available on the site, all that needs to be done is to name your team, give them an appropriately coloured strip (utterly pointless, but it gives your team some sort of identity) and find the option to 'Join a private league'. You'll be prompted to enter a code number, so type in 362971-78175 and you'll soon be on your way to being a part of the SPAOTP Fantasy League experience.

And that's about it. All you need do then is sit back and wait for the action to begin on August 16th, assured in the knowledge that dozens of other players will soon be bowing to you as you race to the top of the league table. Well that's the theory anyway.

Last season, the Fantasy League featured 67 competing teams and of the thousands of mini-leagues going on all around the world, ours was ranked in the top 10% thanks to the high scoring antics of all of you that took part.

Feel inspired? Want to take part and help us make it an even bigger and better competition than last year? Then what are you waiting for - get along to the Fantasy League site and register your team now!

We'll be waiting for you...

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