Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play 'I Know The Score' with SPAOTP!

Never say we don't spoil you here at Some People Are On The Pitch.

As if our generous invitation to take part in our Fantasy Premier League competition wasn't decent enough, we can today bring you news of yet another idle pursuit we'd like you to take part in.

It's called I Know The Score and it's the FA Premier League's very own competition where the winner is the person that correctly predicts the most scores and results throughout the course of the season.

Players score points for their astuteness in guessing the outcomes of each batch of games, and the closer they get to the actual results, the more points they score.

But if you're thinking that's a synch, think again. There's a tactical element involved that brings bonus points if you play your chips right. (Don't worry - we're not talking about a new gameshow fronted by Bruce Forsyth…)

Each week you're given two casino-style chips, one called the 'Banker' chip, the other, your 'Insurance' chip. If you feel one of your predictions is a dead cert to come in, you can play your Banker chip against it. If the score matches your prediction, 'happy days' - you'll get double or even triple points.

Conversely, if you think that one of your predictions is looking somewhat shaky, you can play your Insurance chip against it. Why? Because incorrect predictions mean points are deducted from your total and the Insurance chip is a way of making sure that doesn't happen for the match concerned.

Returning to the subject of the Banker chip, you can score even more points by building up your Banker Bonus. If you place the chip correctly, your Banker Bonus will increase to five points. Place it correctly the following week and it'll increase to ten points, then fifteen and so on up to a maximum of twenty which you can maintain week in week out - as long as you correctly place your Banker chip.

So there it is - a great new competition which is fun to play and proves how good you are at predicting Premier League results. All you need to do is go along to the FA Premier League's I Know the Score website, register your details and join our Private Mini-League in the Mini-Leagues section. You'll be asked to type in a code number, so enter FCDA9-CUV to gain you entry to the League.

Once that's done, you can start thinking about those opening day fixtures and perhaps guess the results to a few of them. There's no time to lose - adulation and glory awaits, so why not take part now and see how you get on!


P Shaw said...

Sorry Chris O i have already commited myself to the Guadian's pick the score and fantasy football. I believe these to be better. What do you think?

Chris O said...

Each to their own, P!

A friend of mine also prefers The Guardian's FL competition, but we like this one and that's what we'll promote (unless The Guardian wants to pay us lots of money to promote their Fantasy League...)

Inside Left said...

I can safely predict that I wont win this competition. Thanks for the invite, duly accepted!

Chris O said...

Well, neither will I probably, mate! Thanks for having a go though - great to see you on the starting line-up! :)

minty said...

I finished 11th last year overall and would have been top 10 but for a bad week 37.

So it is possible to do well without spending much time on it.

Also in the guardian 'pick the score' you only have to predict a win, lose or draw in essence(i know you have to give an exact scoreline). The PL version has more variation in scoring.

Chris O said...

Quite right, Minty. It all comes down to how complicated a game you want to play, I guess.

So you nearly finished in the top 10 "without spending much time on it"?!?! Blimey - there's hope for me yet, then!!! :)


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