Friday, September 19, 2008

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #79

The Fine Art of Management
The 9 Largest Fines Imposed on Premier League Managers by the FA

1. £200,000 (reduced to £75,000 on appeal)
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea, June 2005) for an illegal approach to Arsenal's Ashley Cole

2. £20,000
Graeme Souness (Newcastle, June 2005) for criticising the referee in a match against Everton

3. £15,000
Graeme Souness (Blackburn, October 2002) following his sending off during a match against Liverpool

4. £15,000
Arsene Wenger (Arsenal, December 2004) for comments made about Man United's Ruud van Nistlerooy

5. £10,000
Arsene Wenger (Arsenal, February 2001) after an incident with the fourth official at a match against Sunderland

6. £10,000
Graeme Souness (Blackburn, April 2002) for verbally abusing the referee in a match against Middlesbrough

7. £10,000
Sir Alex Ferguson (Man United, December 2003) for verbally abusing officials in a match against Newcastle

8. £10,000
Graeme Souness (Blackburn, May 2004) for an altercation with a referee following a match against Fulham

9. £10,000
Arsene Wenger (Arsenal, December 2006) for an altercation with West Ham manager Alan Pardew


Paul said...

Ahhh, the LFC legend that is Souness... (mixed emotions on this one)

Chris O said...

Lol... I can well imagine, Paul! I'd quite forgotten how prolific Souness was when handed the reins at a top football club!


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