Friday, March 06, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #103

In hoc signo vinces
13 Latin Mottoes Associated With British Football Clubs And Their Badges

1. Victoria Concordia Crescit ("Victory comes from harmony - Arsenal (old badge))
2. Arte et labore ("By skill and labour" - Blackburn Rovers)
3. Vim promovet insitam ("Promotes your inner power" - Bristol City)
4. Vincit Omnia Industria ("Hard work overcomes everything" - Bury)
5. Sic itur astra ("Thus we reach the stars" - Elgin City)
6. Nil satis nisi optimum ("Nothing but the best is good enough" - Everton)
7. Domus clamantium ("Home of the shouting men" - Gillingham)
8. Confidemus ("Let us have confidence" - Kilmarnock)
9. Superbia in proelia ("Pride in battle" - Manchester City)
10. Ludere causa ludendi ("To play for the sake of playing" - Queens Park)
11. Consilio et anamis ("Intelligence and courage" - Sheffield Wednesday)
12. Animo et Fide ("With courage and faith" - Stockport County)
13. Audere est facere ("To dare is to do" - Tottenham Hotspur)


Duffman said...

Love Elgin City's motto. Reminds me of S Club.

Seb said...

Elgin City....

I wonder what the latin for "and thus we're bottom of the league again" is ...

Duffman said...

Quod sic we're solum of league iterum... innit.

Chris O said...

You can see who did A-Level Latin at school, can't you? :-)

I love the relentlessly unambitious nature of Queen's Park's motto. "We play because... we've got nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon."


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