Friday, March 13, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #104

Rain didn't stop play...
10 Football Games You Can Play In Your Own Home

1. Subbuteo

2. Striker (or for the really posh, World Cup Super Striker with subs and floodlights)

3. Wembley

4. League Championship

5. Soccerama

6. Penalty!

7. Fantasy Manager

8. Top Trumps

9. Logacta chart soccer (for the nerds)

10. Kick-Off

Some People Are On The Pitch wishes to thank Paul for suggesting the above list, and if your want to wallow even further in nostalgia, feel free to visit his website -

If you've got an idea for a Friday List, why not do the same? Contact us at info [at] spaotp [dot] com and we'll do our best to show it to the world...


flicktokick said...

Now come on, where's Waddington's Table Soccer, where's 4-4-2?
Although of course you have the right #1.

Chris O said...

I don't know of either of those, Flicktokick. Personal favourites of yours?

flicktokick said...

The Waddington's game is based on tiddlywinks, with a cardboard pitch, you might think it's no wonder they bought subbuteo.
4-2-4 (my mistake) is a game loved the look of in an advert in the early 70's part-work 'Book of Football' with its subbuteo-like figures on large wedge shaped bases. I never got to play it, but did find a box in my wife's uncle's house and am hoping to get a game sometime.

There's a potted history of 4-2-4 and other football games at


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