Friday, April 17, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #109

Change for the better
12 Early Rule Changes That Transformed The Sport Of Football

1. The offiside rule as we know it today was implemented - 1873
2. Teams forced to change ends at half-time - 1874
3. Introduction of the crossbar (rather than a piece of tape) - 1875
4. Match length set at 90 minutes - 1877
5. Referees start using whistles - 1878
6. Clubs start charging for admission - 1880
7. Two-handed throw-in introduced - 1882
8. The penalty kick introduced - 1891
9. Goalkeepers only able to handle the ball in their penalty area - 1912
10. Players able to score a goal direct from a corner - 1924
11. Shirt numbering made compulsory - 1939
12. Use of a white ball permitted - 1951

3 comments: said...

Chris- The Friday lists are brilliant. I linked to some of your earliest ones at our new site (we focus on the cultural side of soccer). Please keep them coming!


Chris O said...

Hey Jeff...

Thank you so much for your kind words about our Friday Lists!

There's every possibility that a second list may be devoted to 'strange club names' in the future as there's plenty around the world to choose from!

Best of luck with your new site and kind regards...

Chris. said...

Oh yeah- you've got to do more funny club names!

How about "cool" club names too? And it could extend to different levels of soccer. My traveling team growing up in Ohio was called the Whitehouse Junge Lowen- the Young Lions!

Keep 'em coming!


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