Friday, April 24, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #110

Rampant Commercialism
19 Football Clubs Whose Names Incorporate Those Of Companies And Other Organisations

1. Airbus UK - Wales
2. Air India - India
3. Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Germany
4. Cable & Wireless Pointe Michel - Dominica
5. Camell Laird - England
6. Carl Zeiss Jena - Germany
7. Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation FC - Ethiopia
8. Honda FC - Japan
9. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - South Korea
10. Lada Togliatti - Russia
11. Petrojet - Egypt
12. Red Bull New York - USA
13. Red Bull Salzburg - Austria
14. Skoda Xanthi - Greece
15. Supersport United FC - South Africa
16. Suwon Samsung Bluewings - South Korea
17. TDK - Japan
18. Thai Airways-Ban Bueng FC - Thailand
19. Vauxhall Motors - England


flicktokick said...

A few extra crackers from Scotland

Civil Service Strollers
Burntisland Shipyard
Inverurie Loco Works

and we shouldn't forget that Livingston began life as Ferranti Thistle (via Meadowbank)

In Europe there is also of course
PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging) Eindhoven

...and we should not move on without an honorary mention for the close shave that was Coventry Talbot?

Chris O said...

Nice one, flicktokick! I must admit to having a soft spot for Civil Service Strollers. A marvellous name if ever there was one!

And well done for spotting PSV too. I was going to include it but left it out as Phillips isn't generally mentioned in full during your average conversation about Dutch football. It's there if you look for it, though!

Coventry Talbot doesn't even bear thinking about... :)


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