Tuesday, July 07, 2009

EPL Talk: Legends of English Football

It's now our great pleasure to point you in the direction of a new series of articles over at EPL Talk that focus on the great players to emerge from the home of football.

Legends of English Football by Paul Bestall gives us a timely reminder of the icons that emerged in England while the sport still retained an innocent joy among its millions of followers.

Long before football went truly global and the money men moved in, England was a land where some of the finest players in the world could be seen every Saturday afternoon up and down the country. Epitomising all the skill and flair we still appreciate to this day, these legends of the English game would carry the dreams of young and old alike with their brilliant playing ability - and all before TV became the norm and decent wages were handed out in abundance.

Legends of English Football gives us the chance to remember some of those great and often overlooked players in history, and Part 1 of the series begins with arguably the best of them all - Sir Stanley Matthews.

For more of the same, keep checking back to EPLTalk.com as the series continues.

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