Friday, July 24, 2009

'I Know The Score' is back!

Everyone loves trying to predict the outcome of a football match, but we know what you're thinking - 'if only I could outscore other decent people like myself who regularly visit Some People Are On The Pitch'? Well now you can with our FA Premier League I Know The Score game for 2009/10!

Many of you will know that last year SPAOTP set up it's own mini-league as part of I Know The Score and this season we're doing the same again. It's very easy to play, so if you haven't taken part before, here's how it all works.

Players score points for their astuteness in guessing the outcomes of each set of games, and the closer they get to the actual results, the more points they score.

But if you're thinking that's a synch, think again. There's a tactical element involved that brings bonus points if you play your chips right. (Don't worry - we're not talking about a new gameshow fronted by Bruce Forsyth…)

Each week you're given two casino-style chips, one called the 'Banker' chip, the other, your 'Insurance' chip. If you feel one of your predictions is a dead cert to come in, you can play your Banker chip against it. If the score matches your prediction, 'happy days' - you'll get double or even triple points.

Conversely, if you think that one of your predictions is looking somewhat shaky, you can play your Insurance chip against it. Why? Because incorrect predictions mean points are deducted from your total and the Insurance chip is a way of making sure that doesn't happen for the match concerned.

Returning to the subject of the Banker chip, you can score even more points by building up your Banker Bonus. If you place the chip correctly, your Banker Bonus will increase to five points. Place it correctly the following week and it'll increase to ten points, then fifteen and so on up to a maximum of twenty which you can maintain week in week out - as long as you correctly place your Banker chip.

So there it is - the SPAOTP I Know The Score mini-league. All you need to do is go along to the FA Premier League's I Know the Score website, register your details and join our Private Mini-League in the Mini-Leagues section. You'll be asked to type in a code number, so enter FC974-QSG to gain you entry to the League.

Once that's done, you're ready to take part when the season starts. Last season's winner was Tokyo Toffeeman who racked up 2,485 points, just 15 ahead of another old friend of ours, ChrissMari. Can they be beaten? Will you be our new champion for 2009/10?

There's only one way to find out. We look forward to seeing your name on the list on August 15th 2009...


Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Did I really beat her by that much last season?

Never bothered to find out what that running banker bonus means - is it significant?


Chris O said...

Ah, no - sorry... my mistake. Got my figures mixed up. It was only fifteen points in the end, as shown in the amended article. Apologies for that!

The running banker bonus? Your success was probably built on it without you knowing! Check the rules, my friend! (On second thoughts, don't - some of us want to stand a fighting chance of winning it this year...) :)

Anonymous said...


I've been sussed, now you know why I don't take part in the fantasy football type comps - I only enter if it takes me two minutes a week! (fnar fnar)



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