Friday, January 29, 2010

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #149

Not so irreplacable after all...
10 Players Who Were The First Ever To Be Substituted By Their Respective Clubs

1. Tony Hateley (Aston Villa, replaced by Graham Parker, September 25th 1965)
2. George Graham (Chelsea, replaced by John Boyle, August 28th 1965)
3. Johnny Haynes (Fulham, replaced by Graham Leggat, August 28th 1965)
4. Jack Charlton (Leeds United, replaced by Rod Johnson, September 1st 1965)
5. Chris Lawler (Liverpool, replaced by Geoff Strong, September 15th 1965)
6. Mike Summerbee (Manchester City, replaced by Roy Cheetham, August 30th 1965)
7. Denis Law (Manchester United, replaced by John Fitzpatrick, October 16th 1965)
8. Peter Shreeves (Reading, replaced by Ralph Norton, August 21st 1965)
9. Dennis Violett (Stoke City, replaced by Keith Bebbington, August 21st 1965)
10. Ernie Hunt (Woves, replaced by Freddie Goodwin, October 16th 1965)

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P Shaw said...

Planning anything nice for the 150th? The Friday list juste gets better each week.

sp3ktor said...

For Arsenal the first player to be substituted was Jon Sammels. He was replaced by Alan Skirton in the home league game against Northampton Town (!) on 28 September 1965.


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