Monday, February 01, 2010

Sound of Football Episode 25 - England World Cup Special

This week's Sound Of Football podcast is available for you to download.

Join us at Graham's house as we take advantage of the fact that all three of us were in the same place at the same time to record a show for you - and a special one at that.

This week we take a look at England's chances in the World Cup in the wake of the latest controversy surrounding John Terry. We ask if Terry should continue as skipper, if Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard might suffer from burn out by the time the tournament begins and we ponder the defensive and goalkeeping permutations.

There's a load of other stuff too, so check it out and let us know what you think.

You can listen to the podcast here or if you right click on that link, you can download the MP3. Alternatively, you can subscribe via the your reader of choice or via our iTunes feed.


Obsidianrock said...

great podcast fellas. Maybe you could tell who is who is the picture?


Obsidianrock said...

I'm guessing Graham in the middle, Terry on the right and Chris on the left.

I've got to say that maybe it's because I'm not English but I just don't understand how Emile Heskey gets the credit he does. He has got to be the only international striker in the world who is not expected to score goals. Surely Peter Crouch or Carlton Cole could provide the same role as the big man up front with the added bonus of actually being able to score a goal. What do you think?

Chris O said...

Thanks very much for your kind words, Mike, and you're right - it's Chris on the left, Graham in the middle and Terry on the right (within touching distance of his Crystal Palace scarf).

The thing with Heskey is that he's almost like an attacking midfielder in many ways - someone who works hard for the benefit of the people who are better placed to score... but of course he can score too, if necessary. A bit like Crouch and Cole, I guess!

Rich Johnson said...

Listened to the podcast on the way to work this stuff as usual :)

Chris O said...

Thanks Rich. Very kind of you!

We keep meaning to do namechecks during the show but keep forgetting. Be aware that we're grateful for all your encouragement and feedback even if we don't say so in the podcasts! :)

Rich Johnson said...

What do you think of the mag WSC? (there's a reason I ask)

Chris O said...

Not at all bad. It's an occasional purchase of ours. Purveyors of excellent writing are WSC.

So go on then - spill the beans... :)

Rich Johnson said...

The podcast to me is the aural equivalent of WSC...intelligent debate on football. Most coverage of football in traditional media is dumbed down to the nth degree or hyped beyond belief so it's great to have a weekly half hour of clued up chat :) Just a shame they're not longer (NB that's not a complaint...well aware you guys do this for nowt).

Chris O said...

Well thank you very much Rich. Let's just say that we're not specifically influenced by WSC, but any association with them is very flattering for us indeed. :)

Doing the podcast for nothing isn't really the issue. We just prefer not to fill, say, an hour with unnecessary waffle. By keeping it short, we can give people like yourself something that's concise, to the point and doesn't leave you too bored.

Rich Johnson said...

:) Just didn't want to come across as complaining it's not long enough as I'm aware as I get it for free and appreciate it's someone else's time and effort.
That said, now you've said it's not an issue, I DEMAND a 3 hour DAILY podcast! ;)

Chris O said...

Oh to have the time, Rich, oh to have the time... :)


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