Friday, March 19, 2010

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #156

"Well they don't come much better than that..."
The 36 Winners Of The BBC's 'Goal Of The Season' Competition

1. Ernie Hunt (for Coventry City v Everton, 1970–71)
2. Ronnie Radford (for Hereford United v Newcastle United, 1971–72)
3. Peter Osgood (for Chelsea v Arsenal, 1972–73)
4. Alan Mullery (for Fulham v Leicester City, 1973–74)
5. Mickey Walsh (for Blackpool v Sunderland, 1974–75)
6. Gerry Francis (for Queens Park Rangers v Liverpool, 1975–76)
7. Terry McDermott (for Liverpool v Everton, 1976–77)
8. Archie Gemmill (for Nottingham Forest v Arsenal, 1977–78)
9. Ray Kennedy (for Liverpool v Derby County, 1978–79)
10. Justin Fashanu (for Norwich City v Liverpool, 1979–80)
11. Tony Morley (for Aston Villa v Everton, 1980–81)
12. Cyrille Regis (for West Bromwich Albion v Norwich City, 1981–82)
13. Kenny Dalglish (for Scotland v Belgium, 1982–83)
14. Danny Wallace (for Southampton v Liverpool, 1983–84)
15. Graeme Sharp (for Everton v Liverpool, 1984–85)
16. Bryan Robson (for England v Israel, 1985–86)
17. Keith Houchen (for Coventry City v Tottenham Hotspur, 1986–87)
18. John Aldridge (for Liverpool v Nottingham Forest, 1987–88)
19. John Aldridge (for Liverpool v Everton, 1988–89)
20. Ian Wright (for Crystal Palace v Manchester United, 1989–90)
21. Paul Gascoigne (for Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal, 1990–91)
22. Mickey Thomas (for Wrexham v Arsenal, 1991–92)
23. Dalian Atkinson (for Aston Villa v Wimbledon, 1992–93)
24. Rod Wallace (for Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur, 1993–94)
25. Matthew Le Tissier (for Southampton v Blackburn Rovers, 1994–95)
26. Tony Yeboah (for Leeds United v Wimbledon, 1995–96)
27. Trevor Sinclair (for Queens Park Rangers v Barnsley, 1996–97)
28. Dennis Bergkamp (for Arsenal v Leicester City, 1997–98)
29. Ryan Giggs (for Manchester United v Arsenal, 1998–99)
30. Paolo Di Canio (for West Ham United v Wimbledon, 1999–00)
31. Shaun Bartlett (for Charlton Athletic v Leicester City, 2000–01)
32. Wayne Rooney (for Manchester United v Middlesbrough, 2004–05)
33. Steven Gerrard (for Liverpool v West Ham United, 2005–06)
34. Wayne Rooney (for Manchester United v Bolton Wanderers, 2006–07)
35. Emmanuel Adebayor (for Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur, 2007–08)
36. Glen Johnson (for Portsmouth v Hull City, 2008–09)


Adam Bird said...

Now that would make a legendary YouTube video!

Obsidianrock said...

what happened between 2001-2004? No worthy goals?

Terry said...

BBC did not have the rights to broadcast the Premier League during that time Obsidianrock so there was no MOTD.

Chris O said...

It certainly would Adam! Maybe those good folk at the Beeb will put one together for us... :)

Obsidianrock, Terry's right. ITV did their own Goal of the Season competition when they had the rights to show Premier League coverage, and their winners were:

2001-02 Dennis Bergkamp (for Arsenal v Newcastle)

2002-03 Thierry Henry (for Arsenal v Tottenham)

2003-04 Dietmar Hamann (for Liverpool v Portsmouth).

Hope that fills the gap for you!


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