Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bodyform for you. Sir?

By Smart

Another World Cup, another deluge of TV and Radio ads from purveyors of fine goods wanting us to purchase their wares.

The usual suspects are there - Coca-cola, McDonalds, the Scottish Tourist Board, and of course Adidas with Jermaine Defoe in goal (which seems like his best bet for Germany) – but more and more irrelevant companies seem to be jumping on the World Cup band wagon as it rolls into town. Annoyingly.

Continental Tyres- which is one of my ‘favourites’, and the best way they could find a link to football was to make the goalies gloves out of tyre tread. Genius.

It gets worse. Have you seen the Durex advert with the strapline “He shoots, he scores”? How about the SlimFast advert “Lose the equivalent weight of Michael Owen during the World Cup”.

The one that gets me every time however, is the slow motion footage of a female footballer doing an overhead kick whilst someone wails “WAAAAAAHHH BODYFORM!”.

You haven’t seen any of those? Well you wont have, as I made them up. But if you believed them does that prove my point?


Chris said...

Nice to see FIFA choosing Budweiser, Coke and McDonalds as official partners. Show the world that a healthy diet is good for you - and pay for it all with your Mastercard (official FIFA World Cup partner)...

Smart said...

You could get all that at the drive-thru, with Continental tyres on your Hyundai car, wearing Adidas clothes.

Then slip your missus a length in the back seat whilst wearing the Official FIFA Dutch cap. (That doesnt mean your playing for Holland by the way)

Kedge said...

Perhaps you'fd be better off with the Official FIFA French Letter, as the Dutch Cap should be worn(?) by the female.

If the lady is not your wife, does that mean you're playing away?

Kedge said...

Doesn't take long for the tone of the conversation to drop does it?

Smart said...

Not whilst you are around, sunshine! ;-)


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