Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don't call us...

Over the last few weeks, the BBC Football site (see link right) has been looking at some of the less obvious players that could find their way into Sven's squad. Now we know who's in it, let's see who from the BBC list didn't get onto it.

Andy Johnson
Scott Parker
James Beattie
Darius Vassell
Kevin Nolan
Phil Neville
Darren Bent
Kieron Dyer

Out of those, I'd say Darren Bent is entitled to feel the most aggrieved at not being chosen by Sven. He's scored a goal every other match this season on average, and that alone gives him higher precedence than Theo Walcott.

As for the others, Vassell should at least be on the Standby list, as should Phil Neville - both are experienced at national level and are useful to have in an emergency.

Kevin Nolan's had a good season and might be given a try out by Steve McLaren when he takes over after the World Cup. As for Kieron Dyer... is he injured at the moment or not? Well he probably is, so let's forget about him... James Beattie has his moments but isn't quite the star striker we're all looking for, Scott Parker perhaps doesn't have the skill and temperament to play for England on a regular basis and Andy Johnson... plays for Crystal Palace.

All of which leaves me probably more excited at who McLaren will bring into the England team for the Euro 2008 qualifiers than who Sven's brought in for the World Cup. How strange...

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