Monday, May 08, 2006

England squad announced

So Sven has named his provisional squad for Germany, but what's this - Theo Walcott? Who he? Well we know he plays for Arsenal (rarely) and he's a budding new talent, but that's about it. Does Sven know something we don't?

And who else has he got in his line-up... Rooney (unlikely to play through injury)... Owen (extremely lacking in recent match fitness)... Hargreaves (...Hargreaves?) Hmmm, I'm not convinced.

On standby we have various talents, some more inspiring than others. Jermaine Defoe, who we know can play well but hasn't scored many of late, Luke Young, who had a good run earlier in the year with Charlton before getting injured, and Andy Johnson who's been playing against the likes of Cardiff and Stoke for the last nine months.

Here's the details in full:

Provisional squad
Robinson (Tottenham), James (Manchester City), Green (Norwich); G Neville (Manchester United), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Terry (Chelsea), Cole (Arsenal), Campbell (Arsenal), Carragher (Liverpool), Bridge (Chelsea), Beckham (Real Madrid), Carrick (Tottenham), Lampard (Chelsea), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jenas (Tottenham), Downing (Middlesbrough), J Cole (Chelsea), Lennon (Tottenham), Rooney (Manchester United), Owen (Newcastle), Crouch (Liverpool), Walcott (Arsenal).

Scott Carson (Liverpool), Luke Young (Charlton), Nigel Reo-Coker (West Ham), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham), Andy Johnson (Crystal Palace).

With this collection of players, how far do you think we'll get in the World Cup?


Kedge said...

I think we'll get to Germany as the road maps are good and the RAF has past experience of finding their way there.

Question is how long will we stay?

Strike force of Rooney (injured), Owen (unfit), Wallcott (untried) and Crouch (is it worth commenting?).

Chris said...

I can only think we'll be playing lots of high balls into the area for Crouch to head in. If he can.

Interesting hearing what Alan Hansen said on Match of the Day at the weekend. He said Jermaine Defoe's alright, but at Spurs he doesn't get into the six-yard box like a 'proper striker' should. Keane's been doing it, but Defoe hasn't.

On the other hand, most of Rooney's goals seem to have been scored from about 30 yards out, so that's hardly an indicator, really...

Kedge said...

So we have Lampard, Cole (Joe), and if by some feat (pun intended)of medical magic Rooney, all banging in shots from 30 yds out, will Downing and Lennon have anyone to put crosses into?

Apart from old lanky from Liverpool of course.

Anyway lets be optimistic. I think we still have a good squad. I will be on holiday for the 1st few matches, cruising on the Med, so I have my England Shirts (home and away), a giant England flag, and the giant telly in the ships bar. Sorted! Bring it on!


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