Sunday, July 09, 2006

Big Bluffer - The Final Vote

So here we are on the final day of Big Bluffer and only two housemates are left - Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer. Thanks to the discerning opinions of our judges, 19 pundits have been evicted over nine days to leave the two that remain, and it'll soon be time for you to vote for the pundit that you think should be Big Bluffer.

Looking back, it's fair to say that ITV's lack of pedigree was woefully apparent from Day 1. Ally McCoist and Robbie Earle were the first to go, then it was Gabby Logan and Andy Townsend. Terry Venables and Ruud Gullit got the chop on Day 3 and it wasn't until Day 4 that the first BBC head rolled in the form of Ray Stubbs, and even then he was replaced by Adrian Chiles.

After Portman and Emma relieved us of Jim Rosenthal, we were left with only three ITV pundits left. Surely someone from the BBC team had to go? Well indeed they did. Day 5 saw Hekuran boot out Marcel Desailly and Leonardo but on Day 6, Anna reduced the ITV contingent to just one by closing the door on Steve Rider and Stuart Pearce.

I had the chance to redress the balance on Day 7 by removing Lee Dixon and Adrian Chiles (it was for their own good) and on Day 8, ITV finally surrendered to the cutting blade of Smart as Sam Allardyce left a BBC-only final four in the house. Alan Hansen went too and that left Lineker, O'Neill, Strachan and Shearer quaking in their boots, wondering who'd make it to the end.

Yesterday on Day 9, Kedge put us out of our misery by evicting Gordon Strachan and Martin O'Neill and that means we finally have a choice to make. Who will win Big Bluffer - Gary Lineker or Alan Shearer?

To decide the winner, I invite you all to vote for the one you think should win. Please try not to fix the result by voting from your home PC, work PC, friend's PC and so on - this is something which has taken literally minutes to put together and relies on the sort of scientific precision which frankly you'll never understand.

You have until 4pm on Tuesday 11th July to cast your vote and the winner will be announced here as soon as possible thereafter. Thanks everyone for your participation... now let's find ourselves a winner!



Smart said...

I wonder if 'She-Ra' will give Lineker the 'elbow'.


Kedge said...

Ouch! That's a toughie. Never did I realise when evicting Martin & Gordon, we were going to be given a democratic vote on the last two. Gary or Alan? The experienced presenter or the new kid on the block? Mr Sparkling Clean or the one who backs into defenders, falls over but maintains an air of innocence? Both footballing legends in their own lunchtimes. Need to watch the final programmes with an intensity as never before.

Nice one Chris - putting the onus on us. Never make an important decision when you can get others to do the dirty work for you.

Chris said...

Anytime... ;-)

Kedge said...

Well, I watched the final, with as much intensity as I could muster and I have to say "the ears have it".

Why have the BBC not taken any notice of our voting? Marcel, Leonardo, and the rest were still there spouting thier brands of nonsense. What is going on. I thought we had voted them out. Come on Auntie, get in line with the rest of us!

Chris said...

Too right! If it's any consolation, at least we won't be seeing their ugly mugs for another two years... four if we're lucky!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Alan as I feel that Gary is winning by a higher margin than he really deserves.
Alan didn't do to bad.


Kedge said...

There's always one isn't there?


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