Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome to the new-look 'Some People Are On The Pitch'!

Yes, we're back and ready for the 2006/2007 domestic football season with a brand-new look and lots of great stuff to talk about!

As ever, we'll be keeping you entertained and amused as we deal with all things 'football,' whether it's the latest transfers, the latest news or the latest rumour heard down the pub - it'll be here, and it'll be treated with disdain as is entirely appropriate.

When it comes to features, some of your old favourites will be making a welcome return but we'll also have some new stuff to keep you interested in the beautiful game from the pre-season friendlies right up to the moment when Watford lift the Champions League trophy. Yes, we really have got that much to talk about.

So without further ado, why not settle down, forget all about Zidane and his wayward head and get yourselves ready for another season of top quality club footy. This is Some People Are On The Pitch, and you are invited to join us.


Kedge said...

"right up to the moment when Watford lift the Champions League trophy."

Well I can accept the theory of them winning the Premiership this year,but Champions League? Or are you predicting 2007/08 already?

Whats the latest gossip from Ipswich?

Chris said...

Watford are the archetypal 'dark horses', young Kedge. You mark my words - before long, the sort of players you see on the books at Juventus will be wanting to play for them...

And regarding your other comment, for all the latest news on Ipswich Town, visit the Ipswich Town website...

Smart said...

According to the Inbred Town website, they are signing a Tractor on a season long loan.


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