Monday, July 10, 2006

A final "Thank You"

Written by Smart

Not too long after starting his own 'personal' blog page, Chris suggested I start one of my own. My reply was that, in my opinion, most blog pages are tedious affairs about someones tedious life, and I wouldnt want to make it any worse by imposing my very unexciting life upon other people. A blog page is only as good as its content.

And then he set up 'Some people are on the Pitch'... Now football I CAN 'talk' about!

Chris and I have written many articles together, over more years than Portugal had yellow cards this world cup, and this seemed like a perfect venture.

I'd like to both thank and congratulate Chris on another of his 'fiendishly simple yet brilliant' ideas, and for allowing me to take part in the capacity that I have.

It has been more than fun, helped maintain my interest through the dull parts of the World Cup, and along the way it has been great to see alternative views and some great humour from both girls and boys alike. With the Premiership season about to kick-off, I hope it continues.

Thanks again Chris. You should be pleased that your idea was, in my opinion, a succesful one.

I'm sure others agree.

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Chris said...

Well I hate to turn this into an embarrassing back-slapping exercise, but I feel I should return the favour by thanking you too, Smart, for all your help in making a huge contribution to the site yourself.

Such is the way of blog sites that new content doesn't always get published every day because you either run out of time or just things to talk about! Thanks to the way Smart embraced the idea and the enthusiasm with which he's written his comments and articles, there's hardly been a day without new content since we started. You're a star! :-)

And finally I'd also like to personally thank our loyal band of visitors that have read everything we've produced and/or left comments too. A blog site doesn't necessarily require people to interact or give feedback, but it sure as hell makes it a lot more entertaining, thought-provoking and interesting. Because of the interest you've shown, this whole thing has been a great success and a thoroughly worthwhile project.

And don't think this is the end either, because there's still some left-over stuff to be dealt with where the World Cup's concerned, plus there's the new Premiership season to look forward to as well.

So let's just call this 'the end of the beginning'... and allow ourselves a satisfied smile as we move onto the second era of 'Some People Are On The Pitch'.



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