Monday, August 21, 2006

At least Watford lost quietly...

So the first weekend of the Premiership passes us by fairly quietly - unlike the cricket.

The return of the Premiership sees the return of the routines. Sky Sports for results, Match of the Day for goals, Sunday's papers to weep at, league tables to ignore.

So what did I find of interest this weekend? Well, as always the opening day of the season's focus was on the Premiership new boys - Reading, Watford and Sheffield United. That’s when it hit me - we have a season of listening to the inane drivel of Neil Warnock. My god what a plank that man is. Luckily, my remote has a ‘mute’ button, and I am sure that it’s going to get a lot of use this season. I advise you to get familiar with your mute button too…

Maybe there is something about former championship sides, because next it was Reading's turn to irritate. Not only is their chairman magnanimous enough to name the stadium after himself, John Madjeski is now also doing post match interviews.

Ok, sure, it was a great comeback in your first Premiership game. I’ll give you that. Now stay off my screen. You’re a chairman. Go… ‘chair’. And wake Steve Coppell up, please. Thanks.

I don’t know if the above behaviour is normal in the Championship as I don’t like to watch inferior football - but if it is, they are welcome to it.

Which just leaves little old Watford, who weren’t very good and were defeated by a shot from Andy Johnson. His shot was in danger of hitting the corner flag before a deflection from a Watford defender sent it goalwards.

Still, only 37 more games to go.

Talking of which, Tuesday night I am at the Lane to see Spurs versus Sheffield United. I’ll be taking my remote control, hoping it will shut Warnock up. Oh and some eggs. I hope he likes eggs.

Wish me luck.


Kedge said...

Smart said, and I quote "I don’t like to watch inferior football" and followed it with "Talking of which, Tuesday night I am at the Lane to see Spurs"
Come on - you can't have it both ways.

Sorry mate, that was just asking for it.

Back to the article. Good one.
Yes! Warnock is a plank and I will also avoid listening to him. The sooner Sheffield Utd are relegated the better.

I didn't hear the Madjeski interview so I can't comment other than to ask if he was more interesting than Coppell. If so that might be why he faces the press. But I agree that the chairmen should leave post match interviews to the manager and players.

And Watford - well I actually like their away shirt. That's all I can say about them.

Enjoy your match on Tuesday. I've high hopes for spurs in my predictions.

Smart said...

"Come on - you can't have it both ways." - Correct young Kedge, and over time, you'll get to 'understand' my humour too... ;-)

Chris said...

I reckon John Madejski might have some justification in naming the stadium after himself having got his club into the Premiership for the first time! And let's face it, it's got to be better than going to watch a match at 'The Neil Warnock Satdium'...

I'm also quite a fan of Coppell as well. Admittedly he goes a bit peculiar from time to time as any Man City fan will tell you, but apart from that, I think he's a really good manager and I hope Reading have some success under him.

Not such a good start for Blackburn, though? Not the sort of thing that Mark Hughes will be pleased to see...

Smart said...

Not a good start for Blackburn, but a good one for my 'red hot tip' - Portsmouth! ;-)

(You watch them slide down the table now...)

Kedge said...

Some info on the Reading Chairman

John Madejski
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Robert Madejski OBE DL, born Robert John Hurst on April 28, 1941 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, is a British businessman, mainly active in publishing and the hotel industry. As of 2005, he is in the top 200 wealthiest people in the UK, with a net worth said to be in the region of £325 million (see Sunday Times Rich List 2005). He changed his name when his stepfather, a Polish airman during World War II, returned to Britain to marry his mother.

Life and career

While on holiday in Florida in the mid 1970s Madejski saw a car sales magazine that included pictures of the vehicles on sale. He immediately realised the potential of the idea, and founded Thames Valley Trader in 1976. Initially the magazine sold anything and everything, from houses to cars and even aircraft, but it soon concentrated solely on vehicles, and was renamed Auto Trader. In 1998 he sold his company Hurst Publishing for £174 million.

Madejski became chairman of the Football League club Reading F.C. in 1990, and has given his name to the club's Madejski Stadium, built in 1998 with £25 million largely contributed by him. In 2006 he led the Royals to the top tier of English football in the first time in their 135-year history.

He is also a benefactor to the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London and in 2004 had the John Madejski Fine Rooms at Burlington House named after him in recognition of a contribution of £3 million to the institution. A sculpture by Edgar Degas, La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans, he purchased at Sotheby's in 2004 is also on display in the John Madejski Fine Rooms. The John Madejski Centre for Reputation at Henley Management College, the new garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a lecture theatre at the University of Reading and a gallery at the Museum of Reading also bear his name. He has recently contributed to the runnings of Thamesbridge College, Reading, and it will soon be opened under the new name of the John Madejski Academy.

Madejski is active in politics: he has contributed extensively to the Conservative Party and was vociferous in his calls for the removal of the then party leader Iain Duncan Smith in 2003.

He owns a large number of luxury cars, owning a couple of Rolls-Royces, two Bentleys, four Jaguars, an AC Cobra and a pair of Ferraris, including a red 328 which sits inside a glass case in the gym of his home.

Madejski has two children, but has never married. He made front-page headlines in UK tabloid newspapers in October 2004 due to his alleged romantic attachment with singer and TV star Cilla Black. The pair became friends due to their mutual affiliation with the Conservative Party.


In 2000 Madejski was awarded the OBE in "recognition of his contribution to Reading Football Club and the Reading community". He is also Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire.

In 2006 he was admitted as a Freeman of the Borough "in recognition of the distinguished service rendered to the Borough of Reading, by his contribution to the growth and success of football in Reading, and by his support for education and arts".

They forgot to mention that he also has a hotel next to the Stadium named after him. The Madejeski Millenium Hotel. Could have have called it The Auto-Trader Millenium Hotel, but it hasn't got the same ring to it.

Chris said...

OK, so he's narcissistic... it still doesn't mean we've got a good reason to knock the bloke.

Wiat a minute - he once dated Cilla Black...

Smart said...

Wonder if it was a 'Blind Date'?

It wouldnt 'Suprise Suprise' me if it was.

Emmaj said...

Oh, so that's your humour is it. Now I 'understand'!!

Smart said...

No wait, it gets better... come back...

Kedge said...

Chris said...

OK, so he's narcissistic... it still doesn't mean we've got a good reason to knock the bloke.

Since when does this site need a reason?

Chris said...

That's a fair point... hey, what the hell - let's REALLY take the p*ss out of this guy! ;-)


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