Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can someone shut the window please...

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I can remember when the powers that be came up with the brainwave that is the ‘Transfer Window’.

“What a great idea” I thought to myself, as I pictured the scene of blank sports pages on the daily rags. In those days, there was a new transfer ‘rumour’ every 48 hours.

So the transfer window has now been implemented, and what do I find… Its worse than what it was before! Instead of the 100 rumours spread of over the 9 months of the football calendar, its now 100 rumours spread over the final days before someone shuts the window. I should have expected that I suppose, perhaps I just didn’t want to believe it…

My club, Spurs, are as always, linked with every professional and unprofessional footballer, living or dead – and there are some great rumours about.

I think my favourite has to be a) “Spurs bid for Baptista” and b) “Spurs swap Defoe in Baptista deal”. This will be the Baptista who turned down Arsenal to sign for Real Madrid last season, and the same Defoe who cant get a regular start in the Spurs squad. I cant possibly see how Real Madrid and Baptista could possibly turn that down…

‘John’ Steed Malbranque is linked with Spurs… and every other club by the looks off things. Not that Fulham are desperate to get some cash for him as he wont play for them again and he has 9 months left on his contract. Oh no…

Pascal Chimp-Honda is next. We bid £4 million, Wigan say £6 million. So we go back with… £4 million and Wigan say, surprise-surprise, £6 million. We say £4 million, you say £6 million – “lets call the whole thing off”. So watch him sign for under £4m rising to nearer £6m depending on appearances.

Stewart Downing and Harry Kewell… don’t start me on those two.

Still, we have ‘re-signed’ Mido. Jol said “We have been tracking him since his loan spell at the club ended”. Didn’t you notice him in lily white during the previous 18 months then? You know, the tall guy you keep getting Paul Robinson to hoof the ball up to at every possible opportunity?

Im sure there have been plenty of rumours for other league clubs too, but excuse me not for listing them here. I leave that for you to do if you so wish, as I am too busy laughing at my own clubs ‘rumours’.

Thank god it all ends on tomorrow. (August 31st)

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Chris said...

Well I don't concern myself with transfer rumours as much as I can get away with these days.

This follows an experiment I conducted a couple of years back when West Ham were linked with about 20 players in the one month leading up to the start of the season. Out of that, I think only about 2 actually ended up being signed.

I prefer to read match reports these days rather than some inane waffle that's been dreamt up by someone who's got too much time on his hands, and even then only in a paper that deserves a modicum of respect.


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