Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I hope to see you dancing on the touchline sometime soon...

Written by Smart

Just a quick note to wish Bobby Robson my best wishes today - a man I have great admiration for.

The former England manager will undergo surgery today to "remove a small brain tumour" and is expected to "make a full recovery".

I wont dwell on his life too much as it would seem like a rather ill-placed obituary, but I will say the thought of him dancing on the touchline after David Platt scored a late winner against Belgium in Italia '90 always raises a smile on my face.

See you soon, Bobby.


Kedge said...

Add my best wishes to this as well. Fine man is Mr Robson. Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

Chris said...

Yeah, he's a good man alright. I think he's that rare thing in football - a universally respected figure.

And I think his record as England boss deserves respect too - Played 95, Lost only 18. Pretty darn good.

Get well soon, Bobby...


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