Monday, October 02, 2006


You know how it is when you're running a blog site and you want to be able to delete any comments people make that are duplications or perhaps a little unsavoury? Well maybe you don't, but anyway... those nice people at provide a facility for us blogmeisters to 'moderate user comments' which means you can delete people's comments as and where necessary.

Fine, but it also means that when people like you, our fine visitors, reply to one of our articles, it goes into a holding area waiting to be approved before it gets published to the blog. And who has the sole ability to approve the comments prior to publication? Me.


That means that for the last 10 days, any comments you've posted with us have been waiting for the green light to be published offline, and they've been stuck there as a result of my stupidity. Bugger.

What can I say except 'sorry'? I humbly apologise for my mistake, but if it's any consolation it's all been sorted now and your recent comments have finally gone onto the appropriate posts on the blog. To save you time looking for them, check out the following articles:

As you were... :-)


Smart said...

No, I said "Can YOU stop posting on here please, Chris?" ;-)

Glad to see Kedge and FlickToKick back, even though they hadnt technically been anywhere.

Kedge said...

I was begining to get a complex about this. First there's an invitation to write for SPAOTP and then post never appear.

You just can't get the staff these days!

Chris said...

Sorry! It's fraught with pitfalls, this webmastering business...

Kedge said...

Just as well it has nothing to do with your day job then.


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