Sunday, October 08, 2006

Name That Mascot

Way back in May 2006 we told you the sorry tale of Goleo VI, the mascot for the 2006 World Cup Finals that brought nothing but bankruptcy to his marketing company. Well now it's the turn of the 2008 European Championships to adopt a mascot, and I don't know how to tell you this, but you've just missed out on your chance to name it. I know - you must be feeling bitter, angry and frustrated.

I say 'it' - actually there's two of them, for those wonderful designers have created a pair of cartoon characters, both representing Austria and Switzerland, the co-hosts. The characters take the form of two masked boys, both sporting haircuts that bear an uncanny resemblance to an alpine mountain range (naturally enough). They wear red and white football kits featuring the numbers 20 and 08 (2008 - geddit?) and look like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Dennis the Menace.

Had you visitied recently, you'd have noticed that our two budding stars were the subject of a public vote to decide what their names should be ahead of the big competition. Three choices were available - Zagi and Zigi, Trix and Flix or Flitz and Bitz. I personally wanted to be able to enter my own option - Fitz and Startz - but sadly I was unable to.

Actually it's a tricky job trying to name mascots as is already being discovered by UEFA. One of the options mentioned above, Zigi means 'cigarette' in Switzerland which completely goes against the clean-air-breathing home of Phil Collins and Peter Ustinov. Maybe we should just call them Lambert and Butler and have done with it?

Got any suggestions that are better than the ones UEFA offered? Leave us a comment and tell us!


Kedge said...

Fart and Burp gets my nomination. Imagine, some muppet get paid a small fortune for thinking up these things, and they have the bare-faced cheek to design something like that and still take the money. Stick up against a wall and shoot them.

Smart said...

How about naming them after famous Swiss and Austrian folk?

Famous Swiss people such as... er... er... Heidi? No? Er... how about 'Ursula and Andress'?

Maybe not...

OK then, how about famous Austrian's? 'Mozart and Strauss'? 'Franz and Klammer'? 'Heir and Hitl... Franz and Klammer'?


How about 'Money and Spinner' or 'Wasteof and Time'?

Chris said...

lol... I have to admit I was struggling to come up with any famous Swiss people, and those I did find were either composers or football players!

What about 'Al and Pine'? :)

Kedge said...

or even

Blitz & Krieg

Meaning attack on all fronts which is what the money grabbers will be doing throughout this competition.


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