Friday, October 27, 2006

Its a funny old... lottery

Tonights “Euro Millions” jackpot is a ‘colossal’ £75m.

Just imagine what you could do with that amount of money. According to Middlesborough valuations you could buy SIX Stewart Downings. Do you see how easy it is to waste such fortunes?

If you are having help picking the winning numbers, here’s a scientific approach we have adopted at SPAOTP, using this weekends football matches to assist us.

‘Winning Numbers’
2 – The amount of goals Middlesborough will score.
3 – The amount of goals Middlesborough will concede.
14 – The amount of formations used by Rafa Benitez in the match against Aston Villa.
28 – The amount of ‘incidents’ Arsene Wenger doesn’t see in the game against Everton.
33 – The minute Chelsea take a 1-0 lead against Sheffield United.

‘Lucky Stars’
1 – Jens Lehman – saves a penalty against Everton.
3 – Alan Pardew will be thanking his ‘Lucky Stars’ as West Ham pick up 3 points against Blackburn.

There you go. Enjoy the £75 million, wont you?


Chris said...


Alternatives are:

1 - The number of managers Charlton have had since 1991

2 - The number of managers Charlton will have had since 1991 by Christmas this year

11 - The amount of English players starting a match for Arsenal this weekend

38 - The exact amount in Pounds Sterling of Emile Heskey's last transfer fee.

Kedge said...

But Chris, Jens Lehman is not English, so that makes it 10 not 11.

Chris said...

You're quite right, of course Kedge. Should have spotted that one...

Kedge said...

Well that was close wasn't it?

you got 1 number correct. Glad I didn't bother buying a ticket.

Smart said...

You're in luck, Kedge, as the jackpot has 'rolled over' again to over £80 million...


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