Wednesday, December 06, 2006

9 points covering 14 places

Spurs won last night, with Middlesborough on the wrong end of a 2-1 thumping...

"And lets look at the league tables..." the sports presenter said.
"Do we have to?" I said to the plastic box (thats my TV, not the presenter).

With Spurs recent patchy form, I wasnt looking forward to it. It wouldn't be pretty viewing. But it wasn't as bad as I thought.

My club had moved upto 10th, and, as you do, my eyes scrolled upwards to see how many points we are from a European qualification spot.

Three points.

Infact, we are three points from being third.

A look at the bottom half of the table also revealed that Spurs are not much more than three points off a relegation battle.

We are sixteen games into the season, almost half-way (19 games), and nine points cover the teams from 3rd to 16th.

Fourteen teams, nine points.

My only conclusion was to say 'It shows how much rubbish there is in the premiership'

The complete table...

1 Man Utd 41
2 Chelsea 35
3 Arsenal 25
4 Portsmouth 25
5 Liverpool 25
6 Reading 25
7 Everton 24
8 Aston Villa 24
9 Bolton 24
10 Tottenham 22
11 Man City 20
12 Fulham 20
13 Wigan 18
14 Blackburn 16
15 Middlesbrough 16
16 Sheff Utd 16

17 West Ham 14
18 Newcastle 13
19 Charlton 12
20 Watford 10

PS - West Ham face Wigan tonight, and if they win, that will be 15 teams covered by nine points.

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Chris said...

Lucky for you West Ham lost and Newcastle won, so now we do have 15 positions covered by 9 points.


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