Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Bet! Week 7

My my, how time flies. It's Week 7 of 'You Bet' already!

Let's see if we can add a bit more than the 65p we won last week (grateful though we are for it) by assessing this week's parade of punts:

Bet A
Aston Villa v Bolton Wanderers: Draw
Potential winnings: £3.00

Bet B
Everton v Chelsea: Everton to win
Potential winnings: £5.50

Bet C
Charlton v Liverpool: Liverpool to win 3-0
Potential winnings: £12.00

Whichever of these three gets the most votes is the one we'll be putting our weekly Pound on. Any winnings we get go back into the kitty and at the end of the 10-week run, all the money accrued goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Time to cast your votes, then...

Voting on this event has now closed.


Chris said...

Woo-hoo! We did it again, folks! We received lots of votes this week, but luckily the slight majority of them went for Liverpool beating Charlton 3-0, which turned out to be correct!

£12 goes into the kitty - thanks to all of you who took part this week!

Smart said...


Chris said...

Praise the lord and hallelujah! Our kitty now stands at £30.65!

Kedge said...

It was me! I'll take all the credit for this win. I logged on Saturday morning and the votes were 4 each for a and c. I um'd and er'd and couldn't make up my mind. I was going to vote b to leave a split bet, but then I thought "Think Big" so I went with c making it 5 against 4.

Chris said...

A-ha! We've found our phantom voter from Saturday morning! Well done, Kedge!! :-)


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