Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Bet! Week 6

Onto the sixth week of 'You Bet' and the running total for the kitty currently stands at £20. Will we get our second winning bet this week? Vote now and help us make it happen!

Here's the three to chew over for this weekend:

Bet A
Chelsea v Arsenal: Draw
Potential winnings: £3.30

Bet B
Liverpool v Fulham: Liverpool to win 3-0
Potential winnings: £7.00

Bet C
Manchester United v Manchester City: Joey Barton to score first
Potential winnings: £15.00

You should know the score by now - we'll put £1 on the bet that gets the most votes and any winnings we get go straight back into the kitty which in turn goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital at the end of the run. All your votes must be in by midday on Saturday 9th December so click one of the buttons below and tell us which bet's best:

Voting on this event has now closed.

Best of luck!


Chris said...

Hi folks... just a note to let you know that when voting for 'You Bet - Week 6' closed at 12pm earlier today, we had a tie: 50% of the votes were for Liverpool to beat Fulham 3-0 and 50% were for Chelsea and Arsenal to draw. We'll therefore be putting 50p each on those two bets.

Two for the price of one, you might say!

Smart said...

Bugger. We were seconds aways from getting that Liverpool v Fulham one, until Gonzalez popped up in injury time.

Proving the old saying 'you can neve trust a Spaniard' to be true.

Stealing from the children, etc etc etc


Smart said...

Almost a win-double this week, and we would have got away with it if it wasnt for those peskey Scousers...

£1.65 takes our total to £16.65 in the bank.

Chris said...

Actually Smart, I make it £20.65 in the kitty for next week.

A slender 65p profit this time around, but I think you'll agree any win is encoraging enough to carry on looking for even more during weeks 7 to 10.

Let's look forward to that!

Smart said...

By £16.65, I meant the amount guaranteed to be going to charity.

In the bank.

"Now thats saffffe..." as Jim Bowen would say.

Chris said...

Oh I see, sorry about that. Yes, you're quite right. Our money's quite saaaafe... but do you wanna gamble it for what's hiding behind Bully?


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