Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Wigan Athletic (home)

As a special treat for all the fine folk of Wigan who went to the trouble of posting a comment on one of our recent articles, here's the home shirt to be worn by the Latics in 2007/08.

As you can see, Wigan have dropped JJB as their kit manufacturer of choice but retained them as shirt sponsor. The kit is now made by Umbro and has the current styling we've seen on other kits by that company (see Everton home shirt for details). If you want to buy the shirt, it'll be on sale from June 14th and will cost £35.00.

It looks pretty much OK to me if not ground-breaking in its imagination. As you'll notice, the club has reverted to the blue and white stripes used when they arrived in the Premiership two years ago, so the traditionalists should at least be satisfied. What do you think about it, though? Worth paying out for or just another new design?

Let us know by leaving us a comment or by voting in our poll below...


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 16 (23%)
Good: 17 (24%)
OK: 22 (31%)
Poor: 8 (11%)
Terrible: 8 (11%)



Chris (B Squad) said...

I like the overall design, but what is going on with the shoulders? What would go well with stripes?... hmmmm... I know, diamonds!

Chris O said...

Well it's the Umbro 'look' at the moment. Stick some diamonds on the shoulders, pop the Umbro logo anywhere you can find space and that's that...

Smart said...

Im thinking Im liking that.

I like the broad stripes, and I like the thin stripe detail after the thicker stripe.



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