Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Everton (home)

Here's a quiz question for you: what's the difference between the Everton 'home' shirt worn this season and the one below which they'll be wearing next season?

Answer: Not a lot.

Yes, this is the new Everton shirt for 2007/2008 and smart though it might be, it doesn't differ greatly from the old one.

It's made by Umbro and has the styling you'll see on many of their other shirts, i.e. the diamond motif on the shoulders and the quirky fragment of patterned fabric running down the sides. It's also available to buy now from the Everton website, but before you rush off and part with your credit card details in a fit of retail gratification, tell us what you think of it by leaving a comment, casting a vote below or both. We'd love to hear your thoughts, as ever...


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 49 (32%)
Good: 30 (20%)
OK: 31 (21%)
Poor: 12 (8%)
Terrible: 29 (19%)



Thank you very much indeed to everyone that's participated in our other Kit Votes so far (see right). We've had a tremendous response and already it's possible to tell that Tottenham's new home shirt is the most successful so far with 23 out of 29 people giving it a positive rating. Newcastle's new home shirt is also going down well while Manchester City's new sky blue offering has really divided you in a big way!

Keep your votes coming in and watch this space for more new shirts on their way soon...


Chris (B Squad) said...

If you are going to put out a new kit, at least change it slightly. It's not worth the time and money to create a new one, if few people can tell whether it's this season's or last.

haveyouseenlucky said...

What's the ratio of people who rated the spurs shirts highly, to people who are spurs fans who read the blog? I would rate it highly, but it's pretty much the exact same thing from last year. Except for that horrible jester-like stripe kit that they showed Keane wearing.

Chris O said...

Not sure, haveyouseenlucky. As a non-Spurs fan, I must admit I'm very impressed by the high number of 'Excellent' votes that the home shirt has received so far. I presume that's not an automatic decision on the part of Spurs fans as even I think it's a very nice design!

As for the jester-like third strip, you'll have your chance to vote on that in the near future!

Smart said...

OK, here we go then, for those of you that havent worked it out yet, here is what is going on with the Spurs kits.

The WHITE kit the HOME kit.

The BLUE kit is the AWAY kit.

The YELLOW kit is the THIRD kit.

Thats pretty much standard for most clubs now - to have a home, away and third kit, and for some clubs, a european kit is often another.

The BLUE and WHITE halfed 'kit' is NOT really a kit at all. It is to celebrate 125 years of Tottenham. It isnt a kit that will be worn by the team regularly. It will be worn in the Premiership at least ONCE to mark the anniversary, and if its more than that I'd be suprised.

It isnt released until September, and is limited in numbers.

Chris O said...

Thank you for clearing that up, my friend... :)

I didn't realise there *was* a blue kit? I thought it was white at home, yellow away and the centenary kit next season?


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