Friday, October 16, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #135

Hang your head in shame...
11 Players That Have Been Sent Off At Wembley Stadium

1. Antonio Rattin (for Argentina v England, 1966 World Cup)
2. Billy Bremner (for Leeds v Liverpool, 1974 Charity Shield)
3. Kevin Keegan (for Liverpool v Leeds, 1974 Charity Shield)
4. Kevin Moran (for Man United v Everton, 1985 FA Cup Final)
5. Lee Dixon (for Arsenal v Tottenham, 1993 FA Cup Semi Final)
6. Andrei Kanchelskis (for Man United v Aston Villa, 1994 League Cup Final)
7. Ray Parlour (for Arsenal v Lens, 1998 Champions League)
8. Justin Edinburgh (for Tottenham v Leicester, 1999 League Cup Final)
9. Paul Scholes (for England v Sweden, 1999 qualifier for Euro 2000)
10. Mark Delaney (for Aston Villa v Bolton, 2000 FA Cup Semi Final)
11. Roy Keane (for Man United v Chelsea, 2000 Charity Shield)


erikdslater said...

"Hang your head in shame" indeed, me ole China.

Point 4 re. Kevin Moran. The 1985 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and ... who, exactly? I don't recall Neville the Dishevelled ever playing for the North Londoners.

You may want to fix that, fella :-)

Chris O said...

Er... what else can I say except "Oops..." :)

You're quite right erikdslater - Moran was sent off against Everton, not Spurs. We knew that. No really, we did...

Thanks for the correction, old friend!


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