Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sound Of Football Podcast 11

And we are back for another blast of premium audio soccer chat.

This week, Chris, Graham and Terry draw a line under the World Cup Qualifiers, dissect the Play Off draw and hope beyond words that Diego does not quit as Argentina boss.

Then we return to our own affairs and review last week's Premier League action. Graham tells us about his trip to the Emirates to see Arsenal beat Birmingham and we discuss the finer points of football law with regards to beach balls .

Finally we look forward to the Champions League and Europa League this week.

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Phil said...

What do you guys think about Villareal, bottom of La Liga at the moment. How and why have they fallen so quickly?

sp3ktor said...

It could be a sign of just how good a coach Pellegrini is. The highest they had finished before he joined was 7th in the top flight and in the five seasons he was there they never finished below that. Considering the capacity of the ground is about half the town's population, you could argue that Villareal have been punching above their weight for a long time.

His replacement, Ernesto Valverde, has a decent enough record in La Liga and I reckon they should be enough to reach mid-table by the end of the season.


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