Friday, October 30, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #137

Dignified dialogue
8 Actors That Have Narrated Official FIFA World Cup Films

1. Patrick Allen ('The World at Their Feet' 1970)
2. Joss Ackland ('Heading For Glory' 1974)
3. Sean Connery ('G'olé!' 1982)
4. Michael Caine ('Hero' 1986)
5. Edward Woodward ('Soccer Shoot-Out' 1990)
6. Sean Bean ('La Coupe de la Gloire' 1998)
7. Robert Powell ('Seven Games from Glory' 2002)
8. Pierce Brosnan ('The Grand Finale' 2006)


sp3ktor said...

Looks like the cast for a remake of the Wild Geese

Chris O said...

Either that or a really high-production Public Information Film on the effects of a nuclear conflict...

redduffman said...

Definitely a post Star Wars Lew Grade film. Possibly starring Roger Moore as a German POW camp commander.


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