Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Friday List 150: Be a part of it!

As some of you will know by now, Some People Are On The Pitch is this Friday celebrating its 150th Friday List of Little or No Consequence.

Quite a landmark, we're sure you'll agree, so for that very reason (and because the Friday List is arguably our most popular feature) we thought the 150th edition should be handed over to you, our wonderful audience.

As our way of thanking you for showing such an interest in the Friday List of Little or No Consequence over the last thirty-five months, we'd like the 150th list to be a compilation of your comments and memories about the series.

What's been your favourite list? Which list made you laugh the most? Which list stood out as being surprisingly interesting or informative? We want you to tell us!

Simply send us a message explaining which Friday List has been your favourite (giving as much detail as you can spare) and we'll feature your comments on the 150th Friday List of Little or No Consequence this Friday. And for those of you that need to be made aware, you can find the previous 149 Friday Lists in the column on the right.

With regards to sending us your message, there are three options. You can:
  1. Leave us a comment on this post (we'll remove it soon after prior to compiling it into the final list on Friday)
  2. Email us at info [at] spaotp [dot] com, or
  3. Send us a message via our Some People Are On The Pitch Facebook fanpage.

That's it - our appeal is over. We look forward to receiving your comments!

Thanks and best wishes,
The SPAOTP Team.


Chris O said...

Thanks for your message, Karl! We've added it to our list in readyness for this Friday... :)

Chris O said...

Rich Johnson - thanks for your message too... it's on the list for tomorrow!


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