Friday, February 26, 2010

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #153

CurioUSly named
14 Defunct American Soccer Teams With Interesting Or Amusing Names

1. Bethlehem Hungarian
2. Bricklayers and Masons FC
3. Chattanooga Express
4. El Paso/Juarez Gamecocks
5. Hawaii Tsunami
6. Holley Carburetor FC
7. Indiana Flooring
8. New Brunswick Hungarian Americans
9. Ohio Xoggz
10. Permian Basin Shooting Stars
11. Philadelphia Ukrainians
12. San Diego Top Guns
13. San Jose Frogs
14. Syracuse Salty Dogs


Graham said...

Did Rodney Marsh ever play for 5?

Chris O said...

Heh heh... you're thinking of the TOON ARMY! Or was that him?!?

Brian Zygo said...

You left off Pennsylvania Stoners

Obsidianrock said...

Were the "New Brunswick Hungarian Americans" from New Jersey? Just asking 'cause I live in New Brunswick, but the Canadian province.

Graham said...

Yep, NJ...

If I was starting a team in NJ I think I'd call the them the New Jersey Dudeks.

I wonder if there's a team called the San Diego Forlans

Chris O said...

Lol...! We did indeed, Brian - great shout, that!

Graham said...

Well Brian, it is a great shame to miss them off for such a fantastic name - but the good news is the Stoners aren't defunct

Terry said...

I wonder what happened to the Stoners? Did they find jobs and start voting Republican?


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