Friday, June 18, 2010

The (World Cup) Friday List of Little or No Consequence #169

When England didn't add up to much...
The 11 Lowest Totals When Adding Up The Shirt Numbers Of England World Cup Starting XI's Since 1954

1. 66 (v Romania in 1970 - Banks; Newton; Cooper; Mullery; Labone; Moore; Lee; Ball; B. Charlton; Hurst; Peters)*
2. 66 (v Soviet Union in 1958 - McDonald; Howe; Banks; Clamp; Wright; Slater; Douglas; Robson; Kevan Haynes; Finney)*
3. 66 (v Belgium in 1954 - Merrick; Staniforth; Byrne; Wright; Owen; Dickinson; Matthews; Broadis; Lofthouse; Taylor; Finney)*
4. 72 (v Portugal in 2006)
5. 75 (v Morocco in 1986)
6. 75 (v Portugal in 1986)
7. 76 (v Austria in 1958)
8. 76 (v Brazil in 1958)
9. 77 (v West Germany in 1970)
10. 77 (v Soviet Union (play-off) in 1958)

* These are the only three occasions in the World Cup since 1954 where England's starting XI have worn shirts numbered 1 to 11.


Obsidianrock said...

Where do you get this info? It must have taken forever to figure this out!

Chris O said...

I got the info from, to answer your question, and on and off it took me about a week to compile. Thanks for your interest, Obsidianrock!


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