Friday, June 25, 2010

The (World Cup) Friday List of Little or No Consequence #170

The Coach Approacheth...
32 Slogans Displayed On The Coaches Of The Competing Nations Of The 2010 World Cup

1. Star and crescent with one goal: Victory! (Algeria)
2. Last stop: Glory (Argentina)
3. Dare to Dream, Advance Australia (Australia)
4. The whole of Brazil is in here! (Brazil)
5. The Indomitable Lions are back (Cameroon)
6. Red is the blood of my heart, Chile will be Champion (Chile)
7. Elephants, let's fight for victory! (Côte d'Ivoire)
8. All you need is a Danish team and a dream (Denmark)
9. Playing with Pride and Glory (England)
10. All together for a new dream in blue (France)
11. On the road to get the Cup! (Germany)
12. The hope of Africa (Ghana)
13. Greece is everywhere! (Greece)
14. One Country, One passion, 5 Stars in the heart (Honduras)
15. Italian Azzurro on African sky (Italy)
16. The Samurai spirit never dies! Victory for Japan! (Japan)
17. 1966 again! Victory for DPR of Korea! (Korea DPR)
18. The Shouts of Reds, United Republic of Korea (Korea Republic)
19. It is time for a new champion! (Mexico)
20. Don't fear the big five, fear the Orange eleven (Netherlands)
21. Kickin’ it Kiwi style (New Zealand)
22. Super Eagles super fan united we stand (Nigeria)
23. The Guarani lion roars in South Africa! (Paraguay)
24. One dream, one purpose… Portugal victorious! (Portugal)
25. Play with the heart, lead with a smile! (Serbia)
26. Shake the green field: Go Slovakia! (Slovakia)
27. With eleven brave hearts to the end (Slovenia)
28. One nation, proudly united under one rainbow (South Africa)
29. Hope is my road, victory my destiny (Spain)
30. C'mon Switzerland! (Switzerland)
31. The sun shines upon us. Go Uruguay! (Uruguay)
32. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Victory! (USA)


Damon said...

No irony in the French one, then? Heh.

CaptRJSpaulding said...

Great Stuff :)

Nice to see we're no the only ones who bang on about 1966 then ;)

Slightly worried about the standard of biology in Chile though...

Greece's is just fantastic...They're everywhere!!!!...except in the 2nd round...

Mexico's seems rather prescient too...not sure if they were referring to themselves or just a general view of the tournament.

Chris O said...

Indeed not, Damon! They should have had "Not stopping in South Africa - turning round and returning to France straight away..."

Some crackers there, wouldn't you say Capt? Perhaps Mexico should've specified that THEY might be the new champions... all very vague... :)


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