Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Sound of Football Podcast - England 1 Germany 4

The Sound of Football returns for another book-end podcast and what a doozy it is too as we cover England's horrifically spectacular 4-1 defeat to Germany.

Chris, Terry and Graham express mild optimism prior to the game, dismay at the half time score and utter despair at the full time result.

You can listen to our descent into madness here or if you right-click on that link, you can download the MP3. Alternatively, you can subscribe via the your reader of choice or via our iTunes feed.


ColinZeal said...

Amazingly interesting to hear this one as everyone on the planet knows the outcome.
One thing that baffles me are the comments that england haven't been good, just like Germany. Eh what?
And while comparing the teams and they turn up level? Just blatantly ignoring the three games already played?

Keep up the good work!
(not ironic)

Terry said...

Thanks Colin.

I can only speak for myself but while Germany have been good to watch, I'd say they have not been that good so far (today's match notwithstanding).

Germany were not good against Serbia and could have lost to Ghana had the Black Stars taken more chances.

Havin said that they were brilliant against Australia and certainly deserved their result against a poor England team.

ColinZeal said...

I'm very interested in your theories in a deeper level in as to why England were rubbish this campaign. 

The facts are:
1) you have a good coach
2) you have good players.
With that combination no one should be overrun by germany in the manner we saw yesterday.

My theory is, pressure. Pressure from the public. And their fury which
IMHO is fueled by the tabloids to extreme a level.
The players know all of this since that has happened before. Lex Beckham 2002 for instance. Green 2010.

It can't be easy for Rooney to play well if he knows everything is largely his fault if he doesn't have a good campaign. He, his family and relatives will feel like Jews in the thirties if he f***s up. Just like Greens relatives must've done after the first game. 

How can this be handled in the best way?


He took a lot of focus from the tabloids for his birds and my theory is that the players felt that. The pressure was off them thanks to their bosses adventurous Johnson. They could thrive under him, Sven that is, and quarterfinal after quarterfinal were reached. Unfortunately they ended in the dreaded shootouts, but that's another theory.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your theories as in why it all went downhill. You're not THAT bad.

Sorry for the sometimes lackluster English, it's my third language.


Graham said...

I think if we knew the answer to that Colin we'd be the ones on a £6 million contract with the FA.

You're right, they're not that bad - but England have always been less than the sum of their parts. And probably always will be.


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