Friday, November 17, 2006

The Galloping Major

The Footballing community lost another legend this week.

Hungarian Ferenc Puskas, star of the 1950's 'Magical Magyars' team that both dominated and entertained the world football, died at the age of 76.

In todays terms of ability, Puskas would probably be classed as 'one footed', and he hardly ever headed the ball. His left foot, however, worked wonders on the pitch.

He was part of the side that inflicted Englands first defeat on home soil in 1953, beating Billy Wright's side 6-3.

Playing for the army team Honved, he earnt himself the nickname 'The Galloping Major' as he helped himself to 50 goals in his first season, five Hugarian Championships and an amazing 357 goals in 354 games.

Arguably the highlight of Puskas' career the 1960 European Cup Final. Playing for Real Madrid, Puskas starred alongside Alfredo Di Stefano. Di Stefano scored a hat-trick, but not to be outdone, Puskas scored the other four goals as Real beat Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3.

'Legend' seems an over used words nowadays. For Puskas, it doesnt seem fitting enough.

Ference Puskas Video Montage


Chris said...

It's always a shame when a legend of the game that's been revered for decades passes away.

One thing that I never knew about him until today was that he went on to become a successful manager after his playing career ended, and that he even took Panathinaikos to the 1971 European Cup Final where they faced the great Ajax side of the time.

I'm sure he'll be remembered in high regard by many thousands of people at this sad time.

P.S. The YouTube clip linked to previously is not currently available as it has now been withdrawn by the BBC.

Kedge said...

357 goals in 354 games. That isn't the stuff of a mere legend!

Its the stuff of a footballing God!.

Spooky the fact that I nearly picked Di Sefano for the Chris Challenge, but at the last minute the name Puskas came into my head, so I changed it.
Very sad to learn that he had been in hospital for the past 6 years with Alzheimers.

He also scored 512 goals in 528 games for Real Madrid, helped them to 3 European Cup victories, and also played for Spain in the 1962 World Cup.

That is some record to have written for himself. And he was voted only the 6th greatest player of the 20th Century.


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