Thursday, November 02, 2006

You Bet! Week 1

It's time for all you so-called football experts out there to really put your neck on the line as we try and raise some money for a good cause. This is:

...the game where tactics, knowledge and a fine gambling brain can really pay off dividends. This is how it works...

Smart and I have both coughed up the princely sum of £5 to create a starting 'kitty' of £10. From this, we will put on a £1 bet each week for ten weeks as dictated by YOU, our loyal visitors.

To make it simple, we'll give you a choice of three possible bets, each one carrying its own risk and giving a different potential payout accordingly. All you need to do is vote for the bet you think we should stick our £1 on, and the bet that gets the most votes is the one we bet on.

All winnings go back into the kitty and at the end of the ten weeks, any money that's left goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital...


(No pressure or anything.)

So here's this week's three bets - vote for the one we should put our shiny £1 on:

Vote A
Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea to all win their respective matches:
Potential winnings: £3.50

Vote B
Chelsea to beat Tottenham 2-0
Potential winnings: £7.00

Vote C
Man United to draw 1-1 with Portsmouth
Potential winnings: £9.00

Voting on this event has now closed.

All votes must be received by 8pm on Friday 3rd November 2006. Thanks for taking part and good luck!


Chris said...

Thanks for all your votes, people! Looks like we'll be betting the SPAOTP quid on Chelsea to beat Spurs 2-0. Keep your fingers crossed!

Kedge said...

What were the odds on Spurs winning? I have a feeling in my water that they just might do it.........

Then again, I might just wake up.

Come on you Spurs!

Kedge said...

Ooops! Me and my big mouth! Sorry!

Chris said...

Ah well, never mind. As it turned out, none of the three bets would have come in, but who'd have thunk that Chelsea and Arsenal would have both lost against the odds?

Ho hum. We shall just have to try harder this week. Thanks again to all who voted, and keep your eyes peeled for this week's selections!


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