Friday, March 09, 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #2

The Name Game
16 Football Clubs With Amusing and Peculiar Names From Around the World

1. Joe Public FC (Trinidad and Tobago)
2. Take Care Tigers (Guam)
3. Full Monty (Anguilla)
4. FC KooTeePee (Finland)
5. Missiles FC (Gabon)
6. Ethiopian Coffee (Ethiopia)
7. Prime Minister's Office FC (Laos)
8. Finance and Revenue (Myanmar)
9. Wongosport (Gabon)
10. School Boys (Lesotho)
11. Mighty Blackpool (Sierra Leone)
12. East End Connections (British Virgin Islands)
13. Eleven Men In Flight (Swaziland)
14. & 15. Shooting Stars (Nigeria & Zimbabwe)
16. Silver Shattas (Guyana)


Smart said...

I still like the team name of Kaiser Chiefs from South Africa.

Infact, so did the band who named themselves after them.

Its not up there with Joe Public FC, but I like it.

Chris said...

lol... Kaiser Chiefs is one of the best team names in the world if you ask me.

We now await the release of the first album from Joe Public... :)

Emmaj said...

Should that be 2nd album??!!

Chris said...

LOL! Jeepers creepers!!! Is there no team name that isn't derived from a musical artiste?!?!?

If you can find a band called KooTeePee, I'll give up this whole blog business right here and now...

Smart said...

Ok, Hands up if you searched Amazon for a band called KooTeePee??

I found a KooTeePee album though...

Not sure that counts mind...

Chris said...

He's clever, you can't deny that, can you? :-)

Anonymous said...

Bolivia has The Strongest, which is pretty good.

Argentina has some great ones: Ferro Carril Oeste (Western Railroad); Ben Hur (not kidding), and Defensa y Justicia (Defense and Justice...of which there aren't much of either in Argentina).


Anonymous said...

i am a footbaler here in nigeria,i have played football for many years and i am looking for clubs for me to go for trial if anyboday can help let me know,at

Anonymous said...

And dont forget Deportivo MorĂ³n!

Chris O said...

Deportivo Moron?!! LOL! Who are they when they're at home?!!!

Anonymous said...

And dont forget Totally Clean from Peru and Chile's own Santiago Morning.

Anonymous said...

Surely England's rebranded Leigh Genesis (I can only imagine they hop the new name will help them 'Turn it on Again') must rank highly.

Chris O said...

Lol... 'Leigh Genesis'?!? Good lord!! Well spotted, there! :-)


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