Thursday, March 29, 2007

Penalties to settle matches?

Guest writer: Kedge

Some daft beggar recently suggested that penalties should be used to decide the outcome of matches. Great if you’re the manager of France, Italy, Portugal, or even Nigeria. That’s because your players will get all the penalty practice they need. Apart from Lampoon and maybe one of the Charlton Bents, no other Englishman gets to take them, let alone finding a team with five English players.

So rather than changing the game, why not change the points system?

How about 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and a point per goal scored and minus 1 for a goal conceded?

On that basis the current table would look like this:

Then I thought, why not bring discipline into the equation? Yellow cards count as -1, red as -2.

So the new table looks like this:

Not a lot changes, but I think it confirms that West Ham are doomed and Blackburn need to do something about their disciplinary record or they’ll be in trouble as well.


Smart said...

Nice ideas, Kedge. Which got me thinking of other ideas...

The best idea I came up with was the following suggestion, based on goals scored.

If a team scores 2 or more goals they get a 1 bonus point. And thats it. Nothing more for 3,4 or more goals, and most notibly, nothing taken away for conceeding 2 or more goals.

Why? Well my thinking is this. If you are given a point for 2 goals, you will hopefully see a bit more attacking football. By adding a 'minus 1 point for conceeding 2 goals' rule, the attacking emphasis will be negated by teams trying not to conceed too many.

For example, its 1-0 with minutes to go. Will the losing team decide to attack and get an equaliser, or do they prefer to sit tight and defend to ensure they dont let in a second and thus lose a point? Would the leading team sit back and defend the slender one goal lead?

With just positive points for positive play, that wouldnt be an issue. The losing team would attack to get the draw without fear of being penalised, the leading team would attack for the second goal and the extra point.

And if a team is three or four goals to one down, there is still an incentive to attack and get that second goal.

I havent had time to work out how that would affect the table, however...

Chris said...

That all sounds logical to me.

Right - let's get that letter typed up and sent off to Sepp Blatter...


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